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American Faith Today started out as an occasional podcast on the Blog Talk Radio platform toward the tail end of 2012.  At that time I was still tied up in the political dynasty that ensnares most of the American people.  Not as much as some but tied up all the same.  As such, I modeled myself after some of your favorite conservative talking heads with the slight difference being I tried to incorporate a biblical perspective into it. Fast forward to today and a less occasional podcast on the Spreaker network and what this is all about is doing my best to trust in God and not man, getting away from all of the "entrapments", doing my best to expose falsehoods and help watch the news and the prophecy of the day with all of you, and lean on the Living Word and that Daily Bread for comfort and guidance.  It's a journey for all of us that I will be glad to share with any and all of you.


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The Destruction of Science

One of the great debates that has raged for probably hundreds of years if not longer is the debate and supposed divide between science and Christianity or science and religion. Indeed, I recall in the fairly early days of my doing podcasts back then on Blog Talk Radio taking a call from a skeptic. He asked what one item I would take on a desert island. But more relevantly he made the remark that I had to believe that the earth was 6,000 years old. I told him I did not bel