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How Big Government, Big Pharma, Big Media, and Big Tech are Big Liars

This is quite a world we are living in as we wake up daily and go about our lives now in 2023. In this, the "Information Age", we have those who would tell us that some information can't or shouldn't be viewed. All of this is naturally "for our own good". If we dare question whether or not it is for our own good, or if it should be happening, or especially to question or disagree with the powers that be, well then we are dubbed, among other things, the dreaded conspiracy theorists. Indeed, and this is actually humorous, but I have been questioned at my full time job. I say humorous because it's random and light hearted. But we have a college kid, who when he's on break and working with us who has literally in passing asked me things like, "Do you have time to tell me about your Lord and Savior?", or, "Tell me a conspiracy theory or what do you think about this one?" Now, this guy likes me so he's not trying to insult me. He even told me he's been looking into the Rothschild theory. But I am sure that he only knows that I'm that type, both a Christian and one who questions or disagrees with the things we're told because a different coworker told him about what I post on Facebook.

The thing is, when Covid-19 hit the mainstream, I was willing to go either way on it. I always did feel that it was something released on us that could be serious or something that they were hyping just for the fear and control aspect. Obviously, at this point I have come to the conclusion it's very much the latter.

This morning, and actually I've worked on this, more than one day, I found the following blog piece.

So it certainly seems like the media is working overtime to try to assure us that whatever people are suddenly dying of, it's anything but the vaccine. I'm no doctor, but I can't think of one or a person in general who with any credibility and with a straight face would claim that positive and healthful things like laughing, napping, gardening, feeling joy, singing, or drinking water will kill you. We've gone from laughter is the best medicine to "Don't laugh you'll die." . What kind of bizarro world are we living in?

And if you look, obviously Facebook and social media are involved as well. At the very top of the piece, you will see that when the Facebook group Died Suddenly got too big and likely started saying and/asking the wrong things, Facebook removed the group.

They say in the debate realm that correlation doesn't equal causation. For purposes of debate, this is true. However, in the real world we can reason that when something new is introduced and problems ensue, the new thing is probably the cause. For instance when auto manufacturers first rolled out their CVT transmissions, a lot of folks who bought those cars had early transmission failure. They released a new transmission and it didn't work out so well.

Similarly when one looks at the stats at the bottom of the piece, we can ask, what has changed or what new factor was introduced? The mRNA covid vaccines. Maybe we can't definitively say it's the cause of all deaths. But there certainly is enough area for concern that if the government, the media, the tech world, and the pharmaceutical world were truly concerned for our health and well being they would put a pause to all of this and be willing to allow it to be investigated. Obviously, we know that is not the case.

Now, we know that the federal government has colluded with Twitter and no doubt with social media to censor the views they don't agree with and to remove them. Folks, when they say a private company can disallow speech, there's room for a grey area there. But when someone in the federal government instructs a private company, or even requests that a private company disallows speech they don't like, that is a black and white violation of the First Amendment.

This is why there is a lawsuit against the government, the Biden administration, and also an antitrust lawsuit against the so called Trusted News Initiative.

A FOIA request just forced the CDC to release its VAERS data on the vaccine. Now, VAERS data, as you no doubt are aware, is underreported to start with by as little as 90% to as much as 99%. And even with that the VAERS data shows well over 700 different adverse events related to the jab and twice as many reports were classified as serious according to the CDC as any other vaccine ever given. This should have triggered a halt and investigation. Naturally, it did not.

Unfortunately, many of our military members of course had to get vaccinated. Not only are they suffering and dying, but in the general population cancers that were in remission are now returning post vaccination.

And finally, we also have evidence that the Director of Pfizer, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, reached out to Twitter directing a tweet that questioned the efficacy of the vaccine and daring to imply that natural immunity is superior be suppressed.

All of this, and much more that can't even be mentioned here, go in to show all every single one of these entities lied, censored, and hid things for their own enrichment and agenda. And when Damar Hamlin, who thankfully has survived, collapsed on that field, the online mainstream media referred to, among other things, the "evil" agenda of the anti vaxxers. Friends, the agenda, evil, or otherwise, isn't on our side. We're just people. We're the lowest of the low on the totem pole. They are lifted up, and high and lofty and pushing their own, yes, evil agenda. Because the facts, actually aren't hidden. You just have to search them out. The thing is, and I will say this, is honest men and women who have nothing to hide aren't threatened by people who disagree with them. Light exposes darkness and the darkness always wants to shut that light off so it can stay hidden. They may be high and lofty with the riches and acclaim of this world while we are "lowly". But many of us serve the Most High God and He promises, among other things, in Proverbs 14:11 that the house of the wicked will be overthrown but the tabernacle of the upright shall flourish. So it will be when that day comes as we stand before that Great White Throne and give an account before God of everything we did, good and bad. There's going to be a lot of lowly exalted and a lot of lofty weeping when that day comes. But we'll leave that to God.

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