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Race Relations and Respecters of Persons According To God

These days in particular and literally at this current time we in America and seemingly all around the world race and skin color has set us on edge. They are protesting George Floyd in Australia, for crying out loud. But when situations like this are presented to us it seems that inevitably our individual and collective character and even prejudices are always revealed. I encountered that recently on Bitchute. In this instance I saw a fairly low quality 52 second video of blacks in a neighborhood apparently looking for whites to beat up because they were not welcome there. The individual who uploaded it did so because he said the media would never show it due to their "anti-white" agenda. I mentioned in the responses that such actions made me wonder what HIS agenda was. As abhorrent as what those blacks apparently were doing was, and regardless of any anti-white sentiments are out there, such actions are not all that productive. As a matter of fact, it's basically doing what the media does in reverse. If the media floods our television airwaves with a black man on the ground restrained and unable to breathe with a white cop crushing his neck, some blacks get outraged. If someone deeming themselves a investigative journalist, truth teller, or whatever they fashion themselves, shows blacks hunting whites to beat on, some whites get outraged. Such things reinforce victimhood, hatred, prejudice, and yes racism. Blacks feel like they're treated as second class citizens whose lives do not matter. Whites feel like maybe their lives don't matter because look what they're doing. Not all blacks and whites of course and not even by any means a majority. But there's an agenda both ways.

Yet, in our outrage culture of today and in our "one-upmanship" amongst all the amateur journalists and sleuths out there, people keep trying to show us these very things. Maybe it is the LAPD showing up to deal with calls of looting and putting the black business owners in handcuffs. Maybe it is three cops looking around for a second and then proceeding to kick and punch a black suspect handcuffed on the ground. At least one of the officers was black by the way. Or it might be a report of a group of whites with I believe it was bats speaking of looking for "faggot energy" and looking for lgbtqxyz123#976's to beat up. I'm not trying to show my own prejudice in being a little over the top with my LGBT(Q) classification. While I do sadly disagree with what they do and believe they reject or ignore God's instructions and will in their lives, I also legitimately sometimes wonder which letter, number, or call sign they'll add to their little group next. I haven't linked any of these because I don't feel like hunting them up at the moment. Plus, showing them to you defeats my actual purpose.

Maybe, and probably, such things are good to know and be aware of at times. But the point is we can focus on these negatives or we can focus on something else entirely. We can focus on how GOD views all of His children and how we as His children and followers of Christ should view them as well. Does God look at skin color, personal attractiveness, or wealth? Do we look at such things and what a person can do for us? Or should we look, or try to look as God does, the heart or the character of the person. Even Samuel, who was arguably the greatest of Israel's judges and very special to God, made that mistake at least once when he looked at Jesse's son Eliab in 1st Samuel 16:7 and because he "looked" the part of a king that surely God's anointing was upon him. But as we know, it wasn't Eliab or any of 6 other sons that Jesse had. It was the youngest and seemingly lowest little shepherd boy, David, whom God had chosen to lead His people Israel. A man who was after God's own heart. Samuel would have missed the boat letting surface characteristics guide his actions.

God created all of His children and all of the races and declared them all to be very good. More to the point, people that man, in our prejudices would ignore and look down upon, God used. Over and over again He used them. Over and over He does today. When no one would help get Jeremiah in the dungeon, it fell upon an Ethiopian servant to speak out. When the Samaritan people were looked down upon by those in Jerusalem, Jesus Christ offered living water and eternal life that was passed on to everyone this woman "living in sin" knew. When Peter had trouble believing that he should offer the gift of Jesus Christ to a Gentile, a faithful Roman centurion and God convinced him otherwise.

Attached below is a 45 minute podcast and bible study going into these very subjects. I would be honored if you give it a listen and if you feel so lead to share it with someone whom you feel would benefit from it.

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