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Restoration After the Storm

So as we know, the year 2020 has been eventful to say the least. I know and you no doubt know people that are full of fear and anxiety. Whether it's fear of the virus, worry over the election drama, or even concern about a looming trucker strike, all of that and more is wearing so many people down as we do wind down this 2020 year. Sadly, as we come to a time even in which typically we at least try to focus on better things with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming in short order, we have out of control and out of line governors and "health experts" saying cancel your holiday plans because it's just too dangerous.

There are two things that I know. Well, hopefully I know more than two things. But there are two things I can say. One, God didn't give us and it's not God's Holy Spirit that is a Spirit of fear. If you are afraid or scared of any of these things than you're out of sync with where you should and need to be. I think it's perfectly fine to be concerned. But fearful, or even unhealthy anxiety and worry just is letting that flesh and whatever else get in the way.

But what I also know is that for those who stay true to and those who stay following the true Christ, not the fake, that stay aware and stay awake of the events of the day but don't get overwhelmed and that don't fall for any deception, it's going to get tough for the world but you will be taken care of just fine. As a matter of fact, after we make it through the storm and through the Tribulation, and yes we'll all be here for it, those who overcome will be rewarded with the greatest peace and the greatest joy and contentment that they could ever ask for. So in this podcast, we at least try to focus on the "after". Restoration after the storm.

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