So how is your vaccine working out for you?

Those who know me fairly well know that I am not a believer in or a proponent of being vaccinated for anything. Actually, I'm not big on going to the doctor at all. Part of it is large periods of time with no insurance. Part of it is "white coat syndrome". Part of it is I believe that if and when we can "doctor ourselves" with what God has naturally provided when we can and as much as we can.

Everyone knows and everyone has heard or come across the vaccine debate ad nauseam. Look, you'll either agree with me or you'll disagree with me. My feeling is most people who see this or most people tagged in this will likely agree. But you'll never convince me that injecting these elements directly into the bloodstream, this litany of toxins and foreign bodies will not cause a negative reaction.

Some will recall the name of Brandy Vaughn. Recently I found this brief video of her giving some remarks at a CDC Advisory meeting. Brandy Vaughn was a former Merck executive and sales person. In these remarks Brandy Vaughn mentions that pharmaceutical execs sit on the CDC Advisory board and she mentions that vaccines themselves are not subjected to the same testing standards as the other pharmaceutical drugs are. What you will also probably know is that not all that long ago a very healthy Brandy Vaughn was found dead by her 9 year old son. She had not so long before that posted very cryptic words on social media stating that she would never take her own life and has never had thoughts to do so.

Well, I was going to post that video and magically it is no longer available. This supposedly on an uncensored site.

But we have this Covid-19 vaccine now. Now, again, here are the facts on this vaccine and the need for it. This is a virus that has never been isolated, purified, and replicated in a lab anywhere to my knowledge. The CDC has even said there are no known isolates of it available. This is actually a requirement in establishing a "novel" virus that we haven't yet seen. Then you take the fact that the inventor of the PCR test, Kary Mullis, said it was not to be used to diagnose any illness and of all of a sudden it is decided that this is the "gold standard" to diagnose whether or not someone has a Covid-19 virus that we haven't even properly identified. Since we haven't properly identified it, we're going to run these specimen samples through enough cycles to where we're going to pick up something that may be fragments of a virus and it may even be dead inactive virus but it is something so you just tested positive for Covid-19. Even pathological provocateur Anthony Fauci has acknowledged that when a lab runs these samples through as many cycles as they are doing the accuracy of the test becomes minuscule. So you have a virus that we haven't identified and a test that isn't accurate and a pandemic that has resulted in no large increase of the number of overall deaths and that over 99% of the people who become infected with actually survive. Those are the inconvenient facts surrounding this virus and this pandemic. Although they may deny and "fact check" them, doing research will show that essentially everything I have said is true. Now, if you disagree, so be it and you're welcome to tell me, or try to tell me, why it isn't. Maybe you will be correct. But, I rather doubt that myself.

So naturally, the only solution to this horrible plague upon mankind is a vaccine. Not just any vaccine, but a coronavirus vaccine. The history of coronavirus vaccines themselves is not good. There has never been one before to my knowledge approved for human use because every time that they have made one and done all of the trials and tests on animals, when they reached the stage of the trials in which the wild virus was introduced to the animals, the animals who had developed antibodies grew extremely sick and died. Now, with Operation Warp Speed, we've skipped the animal trials and the test subjects become human beings themselves. That people think this is the moral thing to do shows just how upside down we have become these days in our thinking. Not only are we rushing through a vaccine without doing animal trials. We are introducing a new element that will almost assuredly attach itself to our genome and rewrite or alter our DNA in some way.

But now that it has been authorized for emergency use, how has it gone? Keep in mind that being authorized for emergency use does not mean it's fully approved or that it even works. It is an option that the FDA has allowed and technically emergency use is supposed to be granted only if there are no other options available. There are a number of options available to dealing with this supposed virus. Not the least of which is an adequate regimen of Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and zinc to boost one's immune system. Doctors and scientists are finding and reporting that those with an adequate level of Vitamin D are much less likely to get Covid-19 and much more likely to recover from it if they do get it. This is the case with so many illnesses from the common cold, the influenza virus, and even cancer. But no, they have to push their vaccine.

So let me just rapid fire a few links for your own reading on what the vaccine is doing.