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We are dealing with the absolute worst of humanity right now

First of all, with this title let me say or let me emphasize two things. First, I am certainly not by nature a pessimist. Nor am I by nature an out and out conspiracy theorist. Hopefully those of you who know me also know that by now. That said, what I would like to think I am is a realist and as a realist also someone who understands that there are conspiracies that do exist.

We have dealt with this "virus" for over a year now. In fact, looking back it has now been just over one calendar year when I believe it was on a Tuesday last March that I and two of my coworkers were informed that for the present and foreseeable future our services would not be required. We were told we could leave right then and there or work a few more hours that day but then that would be it. I know one of my coworkers played the waiting game and went back. I myself moved on.

But it has been over one year of being barraged with the fear campaign of this virus every single day. Stay at home. Wash your hands. Stay 6 feet apart from one another. Wear a mask. Some of those suggestions, or at least one with the hand washing are all well and good. But the thing is, it has been one year of bad medical advice given and mandated in most cases by those not remotely qualified to do so. After all, if those steps actually worked, we wouldn't have press conferences and updates every single day because the virus would have pretty much faded away into nothing more than the average cold and flu season which we don't even think about. As it is, with their ridiculously inaccurate testing method and with running samples through so many cycles that even Anthony Fauci is on record as saying it's inaccurate, what is likely occurring is any similar illness and symptoms is simply being called Covid-19.

But the really low down, belly to the ground, crawling snake aspect of this is what they have just done and what they're working on right now. When I say snake, rest assured I have no doubt that this is Satanically inspired and Satanically driven. As a matter of fact, and I hesitate to share things like this, although I did on Facebook, but I was once reading something on the vaccine before it was even out and available and I got the most overwhelming feeling of pure evil that I had felt in years. And yes, it is a feeling that I have felt and experienced before. So in other words, in some ways it was all too familiar.

I came across this from a civil rights attorney this morning and this inspired the post you're reading now. The argument is well presented as you would hope an attorney would be able to do. The information isn't entirely new for some of us. But as and when you read what I will link below, never lose sight that these vaccines, 3 of them approved for emergency use now are essentially still in the experimental and trial stage. They will continue to do testing, trials, and data gathering on it between now and January 31, 2023. So when you or your friends and loved ones line up for that vaccine, and yes I know people who have received it, understand everyone is participating not in a medical treatment or "cure" but in essence in a live and ongoing experiment. We know from the vaccine whistleblower Brandy Vaughan, found mysteriously dead late last year that vaccines themselves aren't subject to as rigorous of testing as other pharmaceutical drugs to begin with. This is a vaccine, or these are vaccines that have no FDA approval, no real and full FDA approval. As a matter of fact it was eye opening to read that the Moderna vaccine in particular was allegedly developed in 2 days.

With an experiment and actually with any vaccine there are side effects. One such instance is mentioned in the above link in which sadly two nuns died allegedly of Covid-19 after being vaccinated. But we know at this point that over 100 individuals in Washington state who have been vaccinated tested positive for Covid-19. There was a horrific case in which a 74 year old man's skin literally started peeling off as a result of and as a reaction to the Covid vaccine. Now, everyone is going to have a different reaction to the vaccine and some people indeed may have no reaction. But that's kind of the point. The idea of mandating, literally or more indirectly, that the population be vaccinated as a one size fits all supposed health solution doesn't work. It never has and it never will. That's not what health care is. Health care is an individual and their provider or doctor making an informed decision based on their situation and their body, weighing all pluses and minuses available.

But you know, there is one resource in particular when it comes to vaccines,any vaccine that the media likely never reports on or looks at. We have a database and reporting agency in our country as well. It was set up around about 1986 I believe by President Reagan and the Congress at that time. Of course, they shielded vaccine makers from essentially any legal liability. But according to the European database specifically set up for such record keeping, nearly 200,000 people in Europe have been injured and over 4,500 have died as a result of/after receiving one of the Covid vaccines. Now keep in mind that if the EU database works anything like ours, and I'm sure it does, these are reported adverse events and we know that in our country no more than roughly 10% of actual injuries are even reported and documented.

So then, this gets me finally to the worst of humanity that I mentioned. Given all of this, and it of course isn't remotely all the available information, but given just the basics that is is an unapproved, inadequately tested, experimental vaccine only authorized for emergency use, mandating it in any way should be the last thing that crosses anyone's mind. Yet that is exactly what they are looking to do. No at this stage the government isn't mandating it although employers soon might. And btw, if they do where you work I would immediately file a religious or medical exemption and contact the best attorney I could find and afford. That is of course if you feel you need to still remain with that employer or feel it will become that with almost any employer where you are. Make it known that you will make it very difficult on them and they had better have proof beyond a doubt that your unvaccinated self is an imminent threat. They of course will not be able to prove that in any way as no vaccine is 100% effective, this vaccine isn't fully approved, and you have taken your happy butt to work every single day and been an "imminent" threat and yet nothing whatsoever occurred.

But the biggest thing is these vaccine passports. I posted in the forum that New York has one. Israel has had one and there were unvaccinated individuals who could not attend a concert. But now we find out that the Biden administration is working to develop a national vaccine passport. No, you won't be "required" to be vaccinated. But if you want to fully participate in society and go certainly places unhindered than you had better be. All of this despite the side effects, despite the deaths, despite the fact that Covid itself kills not many more people than your ordinary flu. They never of course say, "get back to normal." They say get to our new normal. That's a normal controlled and dictated by them. If you think this is about healthy and safety than you're not thinking at all. If you're looking to any man or any of man's solutions without God for "peace and safety" than you'd better watch for the sudden destruction that will be coming around the corner. Google, Facebook, and the like can "poo-poo" the idea and "fact check" the idea that this kind of thing violates the Nuremberg laws but guess what. If a vaccine is still essentially in the trial stage and they want to force it on people, they are very much in violation of the Nuremberg laws!

But unfortunately, you also then have "Christians" like Franklin Graham. Look, I don't know the condition of Franklin Graham's soul. I want to believe he's a sincere Christian. I have known about the Fiona Barrett/Billy Graham accusations for some time. I didn't like that he was such a shill for Donald Trump and I think he showed some of his fruits there. Indeed, with a position like this, he shows his biblical illiteracy. There can be little doubt that the rulers of this world and this time are indeed trying to bring about their vision and their form of order and government through that pharmakeia and through that "medicine" and through this virus. They have written it out through the Rockefeller Foundation. They are acting it out right before our very eyes. Yes, God wants us as Christians and us as people to be mindful of and concerned with not only our own health but of those around us. We are to be gentle but we are also to be wiser than the serpent. These days in particular the serpents, scorpions and tares are active like never before.

Always remember that fear doesn't come from your Father. It's power, love, and a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7). That's why you can speak boldly against this and that's why when you do, you are doing so out of love when it's a desire to show the truth. That's why so long as you're in Him you'll never be shaken, you'll never be deceived, and you'll always have a clear mind and an understanding of what to do and how to do it. How many times indeed does Christ say or does God say that when you're one of His, "Fear not, for I am with you." You either believe that or you don't. If you believe it then know there is nothing the enemy can bring against you that can't be defeated in Him, through Him, and by Him.

So, do your own research, do your own thinking, do your own praying. But understand if you don't already that in these times you're going to be lied to constantly by those who ask you to trust them. Trust God, not man and you will never go wrong.

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