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We have professional and paid liars, not medical experts

Updated: May 12, 2021

As we continue to live in this Covid world that they have created for us, those of us who are truly awake will find less and less of a reason to trust anything the medical establishment and their allies have to say.

First and foremost among these fiends, we have a Fauci. That of course being "Doctor" Anthony Fauci. Quite frankly, the fact that this man continues to be employed and the fact that the media act as if he is dripping with wisdom indicates two things. There is little to no desire for true health care, particularly preventative and self care to occur. Secondly, there is no desire for the media or by the media to actually care one iota about the truth. All of these entities, and actually by all of these entities I can include the politicians, the big tech companies, other corporations, and sadly even some "evangelical Christian pastors", all of these together, along with the health care industry and the media are working to bring in their truly demonic/Satanic plan to control us. While this is not intended to conspiracy theorize or fear monger in this piece, I suppose it is not at all inappropriate or unfounded to add the plan to control the "us" that remain and whom are not foolish enough or unfortunate enough to get wiped out as they try to get the population down to, in their mind, more "controllable" numbers. Fortunately for us, they aren't in control of everything. God still very much is. That will never change.

But I received a notification on my phone this morning. The reason why I can call someone like Anthony Fauci a paid professional liar is because he is. While I will make no claims and take no guesses this point at his flesh seedline and parentage, at minimum on a spiritual level he is in line with Satan in that when he speaketh a lie, he speaks of his own, or of Satan's own (John 8:44). He is a liar and what little truth is actually in him has no doubt become mostly irrelevant and stamped out by his own seared over conscience.

The "good doctor" was being interviewed on Meet The Press by Chuck Todd and was asked if there would be a time that we could ditch the face masks since the CDC apparently is now saying that vaccinated Americans can go without a mask outside. Which, btw, not to open this can of worms as unfortunately unless it's somehow stopped and it likely won't be, vaccine passports/health passports are probably coming. But right now anyway in theory every single one of us could ditch the masks outside at least if we just claim we're vaccinated. Some wouldn't want to lie. Some go without masks as much as they can anyway.

But the real point to me is that even if you buy all of this fear about Covid-19, the one constant, as best as I can recall, is that all of us were far safer outdoors than indoors. As a matter of fact, I can remember locally here leading up to Thanksgiving the weather people were forecasting a relatively mild Thanksgiving Day, maybe 50 degrees or so, no rain, and they were saying that families could hold their Thanksgiving Day dinners or meals outside if they wanted to because it was "safer". And indeed, this has been what the prevailing theory and the data has shown for some time. As a matter of fact, oddly enough a writer with the New York Times criticized the CDC for "exaggerating the risk" of outdoor Covid-19 transmission. Even that was a risk of 10% or less, according to the CDC.

Notice though in the article that I will link that Chuck Todd, like a good little complicit media talking head, leads Fauci with the question, asking, "Is this something we might have to continue to do on a seasonal basis?"

Fauci then proceeds to do what he does best and lie which is to say that we've had a nearly nonexistent flu season. Now it's a clever lie, and those of you who indeed have been awake and have been paying attention will no doubt recall a very inconvenient fact that Mr. Fauci would rather you and I don't know or at least don't remember. It's been a virtually nonexistent flu season, if we are to even believe such a thing, because the CDC made the determination not to track flu cases this past season. At least, not in the same way. And unfortunately, the way things are, it's a tough thing to find now with claims being "fact checked". But it was certainly indicated that this was going to be the policy. And even if by chance that was wrong, none of this adds up. Because one of the things that did come up on a web search were several links detailing or predicting from "experts" that this would be one of the most severe flu seasons we've had and that the flu would be a bigger concern than Covid-19 this winter. Yet now, after the fact, it was nearly nonexistent. But look, either the masks work or they don't. That's the bottom line on everything. One year in, either the masks offer protection or they do not. One can not logically or credibly make the claim that because of mask wearing the cases of the flu went down dramatically and yet with the mask wearing the cases of Covid-19 went through another surge before the magic vaccine(s) and overwhelmed our hospitals and health care system. There's a reason why at the very outset of this, these same "experts", including Fauci, said that healthy people should not/need not wear a face mask. Because every single study, every single piece of data that was done correctly showed that face coverings provided little to no protection against airborne respiratory viruses. The flu virus certainly didn't change it's molecular nature or pattern of existence to where all of a sudden face masks became effective. But again, only effective against the flu. Which, btw, according to a poll by Scott Rasmussen, only one third of us have been following the CDC guidelines to begin with.

So in other words, facial coverings that have never been proven to be effective against airborne respiratory viruses, primarily the flu, and that a minority of Americans perhaps are actually wearing correctly as per CDC "guidelines" made the flu nonexistent this season. No, what made the flu, "nonexistent" this season was Covid-19 propaganda and fear porn, the CDC's way of tracking and reporting flu cases this season, and the ridiculously inaccurate PCR tests that have been run through too many cycles by the labs and that can not distinguish whether a viral particle is active and "living" or inactive and dead, and to identify a virus that likely was never even truly isolated and purified in laboratory setting to begin with. If by chance it was, to my knowledge, the CDC has no isolate to use at this time and nor do the vaccine makers with all of their wonder jabs they want to persuade us to get.

Persuade us to get it is putting it lightly. Where I work, at my full time job, there are consistent and persistent announcements made over the store's intercom advising shoppers that free walk up Covid-19 vaccines are available. They have taken to putting flyers with every pick up order and likely with every in store checkout. As customers come in to the door the greeters are passing out flyers stating one can walk up to the pharmacy window and get vaccinated. I was handed one or the person attempted to hand me one when I walked in to buy some things this morning. I just looked at her and said, "I'm here all the time." When I told my dad about that incident, and my dad is thankfully on my side in this, he told me of another one. The Meijer gas station has taken to putting stickers or taping flyers to every gas pump informing people they can be vaccinated through their pharmacy. All of this for an experimental vaccine that only has emergency authorized use and that they will still be conducting safety and efficacy trials and studies on that will end no sooner than October of next year as they are now scheduled. A vaccine that they are now testing on children 12 and under and a vaccine that at the end of April there were reports nationwide of over 120,000 injuries and over 3,500 deaths. Keep in mind as well that these "reports" are greatly underreported as anywhere from 1-10% are actually reported to VAERS.

Meanwhile, one of the other treats I was recently exposed to was a doctor here in Ohio blaming all of us unvaccinated monsters for having a hand in not totally wiping out Covid-19. As if the flu vaccine for instance wiped out the flu or keeps it from coming back. As if any vaccine would do such a thing. It is true that people credit the polio vaccine and the smallpox vaccine with achieving such a thing. But research would indicate and does indicate that with improvements in nutrition, sanitation, sewage, cleaner water, and so forth, those diseases were steadily on the decline before the respective vaccines. Not to mention that in Africa they had a vaccine derived polio outbreak courtesy of our good friend and Fauci's good friend Bill Gates.

Regardless, we can listen to the blatherings of men and people deemed "experts" who clearly lie and tell half truths for their own gain and agenda. Or we can take responsibility for ourselves and we can trust the resources that God Himself in His love for humanity gave us in terms of natural medicine or even in terms of our brain and discernment when it comes to knowing how to spot a shyster and a liar. Know that while I myself am just a flesh man, everything I say on this subject, or any subject, is done with the intent of having the most humble, loving, and helpful spirit available to all of you. I may get something wrong from time to time but I try to put everything I can through a biblical perspective and test and indeed to use the discernment that God has given me and will give all of us in these end times.

It truly does seem that that word sorcery, and by the sorceries (pharmakeia) the nations and the people were deceived, that so many sharp faithful students have referenced is becoming more and more relevant by the day. Because this is clearly how they are seeking to deceive so much as they can get away with it.

It is interesting that my own name, Jason, can mean "healer". Now, I'm not putting that on myself. Not in the least. But healing, true healing, in a physical sense, but especially in a spiritual and a mental and emotional sense, comes from our Father. I won't vouch for the particularly verses in as much as I haven't checked them out as I am a King James Bible individual. But you can certainly look them up, read them, meditate on them, and study them as a reminder that YHVH is your true Healer if you will allow it. Not some foolish man or men. Not Fauci, Gates, Birx, or any fear pandering "healer" they media wants to run out there.

Speaking of Fauci, that link will be the final one below.

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